About us

We are a couple passionate about cork, we work with cork since 2012 and we purchased a bigger factory to better serve you on 2019. 

With the new factory we were able to invest in bigger, better and more machinery to produce cork cord, currently we are one of the biggest producers of cork cord from Iberia, if not the biggest, we can produce thousands of meters of cork cord per day! 

We invested too on a high-tech printer so the quality of our prints increase and be more efficient, with this we are able to print about 200 meters of printed patterns on cork fabric per day. 

All our cork fabric is of high quality, all made with Portuguese Cork. It can be produced on any colour you want, we have minimum request for it, just contact us to know more about that!

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Whenever you are, we're just beside you! That's why we ship worldwide

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Quality is

Quality is not to be trifled with. We believe that our product has to speak for itself.

Therefore, all products manufactured by us pass a rigorous quality test. We work every day to distinguish ourselves in the world market.

Due to this high quality standard, our business has grown immensely in a sustainable way. All the investment made so far was made thinking about how to increase production volume and quality.

We know that our products are featured in luxury products, so we look into every detail before sending the order to our customers.

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